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September 01, 2003

Traditional Japanese Architecture

Didn’t see the original posting but Jeremy has put a beautiful picture up on his site, Antipixel | Blog. There is another one, currently also on the front page of his blog. I have got to spend some time in his photo gallery! Traditional architecture, of any culture – but especially of Japan, has always been something that I have loved. Maybe that is also part of why Tammy and I love Mystic. There are a number of houses and buildings here that date to the 1700’s. Quite a bit of the town’s buildings (especially residences) date from the early to mid 1800’s. Even the place where we live an apartment “complex” was originally a textile mill in the 1800’s. There is so much texture…

I never was able to go to Kyoto to see some of the marvelous houses that still exist in that town, but I will never forget going to Nikko in the mountains to the north of Tokyo. The temples of the Rinno-ji and other structures were absolutely incredible. As stunning as the temples were and are, I have always enjoyed the architecture of the traditional house even more.

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