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September 04, 2003

Another Amazing and Obvious To Anyone Skilled in the Field Patent Awarded

Amazon wins patent for ordering forms | CNET
From the actual patent filing:

“An embodiment of the present invention provides a method and system for ordering an item from a client system. The client system is provided with an identifier that identifies a customer. The client system displays information that identifies the item and displays an indication of an action (e.g., a single action such as clicking a mouse button) that a purchaser is to perform to order the identified item. In response to the indicated action being performed, the client system sends to a server system the provided identifier and a request to order the identified item. The server system uses the identifier to identify additional information needed to generate an order for the item and then generates the order.

“The server system receives and stores the additional information for customers using various computer systems so that the server system can generate such orders. The server system stores the received additional information in association with an identifier of the customer and provides the identifier to the client system. When requested by the client system, the server system provides information describing the item to the requesting client system. When the server system receives a request from a client system, the server system combines the additional information stored in association with the identifier included in the request to effect the ordering of the item.

“An embodiment of the present invention also provides a hierarchical technique for displaying information in a form. Also, an embodiment provides an editing mode in which the contents of a form are displayed and when selected an editing window is presented so that the contents of the field can be edited. After editing, a form is displayed with the edited contents of the field”

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