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September 05, 2003

RIAA plans to give amnesty to file sharers... Right!

According to this report at Yahoo news in Australia, RIAA is planning to announce an amnesty program. Hmmmm… I smell a rat. Of course this is all a PR stunt. Reading past the cheery headline we see that basically RIAA wants people to submit a signed and notarized document admitting to a crime they haven’t been accused of. In return for? Immunity? No. If RIAA feels that you cross their line ever again they will prosecute for willful copyright infringement, and you’ve already slammed the door to the cell with an affidavit that they now have. RIAA is attempting to win a PR battle while at the same time trying to collect the personal information of anyone who is foolish enough to submit to this.

If this were a real offer of amnesty it would run counter to everything they have been doing and saying for over 4 years now. It is diametrically opposed to the activities of the past 3-6 months. Maybe someone over there will start to “get it.” I mean for the past 3 months sharing has been down over 25% while CD sales continued to plummet. I wish they would realize that digital delivery of music and video is ready for prime time, in fact, it has been for over two years. Maybe they should look back at their resistance to prior technological advances and the fact that once they accepted those new technologies their markets and profit margins exploded. Maybe this is their idea of a genuine good faith effort to bring balance back… and maybe when Mars passed as close as it did, ghosts of Mars took over the collective minds of the RIAA. Or maybe RIAA is worried it really is the end of the world, at least for them.

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