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September 08, 2003

Death Of A Web Team - asterisk*

D. Keith Robinson has a painfully funny entry that I found via my web statistics page (how that came to be is something I must look into) called Death Of A Web Team. I say painfully funny, because his story sounds exactly like what happened to me at my last full-time Fortune 1000 corporate job. To say that this story mirrors my experience there is an understatement. His story is fictional, but based on true stories, and yes it does happen all the time. Oh, and DKR– it’s not too over the top, in fact, it’s pretty dead on. My experience soured me on doing web design for well over two years and still has me extremely leary of working for any corporation. Of course, I also know a couple of engineers who have had very similar experiences, so it’s not restricted to web teams, but rather seems to be a funtion of corporate leadership – or should I say, mis-management?

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