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September 10, 2003

P2P, Music Industries biggest focus group

Well now, isn’t that interesting—turns out that the music industry does have a valid use for P2P networks. BigChampion is watching the P2P search activity, by region, city, music category, artist and song. They are using this data along with radio play information to let the big labels know when they should be pushing a song more—High P2P scores and low airplay means they need to push radio play in that market. Kazaa et al are now the Neilson ratings of the music industry.

‘“It’s fantastic,” says Jeremy Welt, head of new media at Maverick Records, an AOL Time Warner label. “It actually shows us what people are doing of their own accord.” And because radio is beginning to take BigChampagne seriously, Welt says, Maverick can use the figures to persuade stations to increase spins.’

I can’t blame them really, in fact it’s a tactic I would actually applaud, if they did it in the open and if it weren’t for all the public b__ching and litigation. Of course this same type of information could just as effectively be gathered if RIAA would support a non–overly-restrictive online music download store, especially a cross-platform one. For instance more like iTunes, not like the doomed BuyMusic. That would really cut file-sharing down to a minimum. Of course now I really, really want to write a Kazaa bot to spam search for William Shatner’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Leonard Nimoy’s If I Had A Hammer. I would provide links…but I consider it a form of torture to make anyone listen to those songs. But all you have to do is Google it, or if you must hear it, comment or email me for the links.

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