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September 10, 2003

To: Webmaster just returned from Mars

Please catch up with all the news, quickly. You seem to have been gone for quite some time. Just to fill you in: Worm attacks MS based systems, DOJ Sues Microsoft, RIAA suing mad, Worm infects MS based systems, Worm infects MS systems, Apache gains popularity as web server, Worm infects MS based systems, Worm attacks Apache systems, Microsoft settle DOJ case, Multiple worms attack MS systems, Mars close approach, RIAA still suing mad, Worm infects MS systems, End of the world,Worm infects MS systems.

Ok all caught up? Good now kindly go on over to CERT read your advisories (you do subscribe to the advisory email list don’t you?) and then PATCH YOUR @$#% SYSTEM or pull it offline.

I can’t believe after all the news, all the worms, after all the doom and gloom, all the warnings, all the information WIDELY distributed by Microsoft, CERT and the Media, and after everything else, that I’m still seeing /default.ida comming up so bloody common in my server logs. It’s been over 2 years now for Code Red…Wake Up!

Of course maybe I’m also ticked because it’s made it into the top ten requests to my site at all.

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