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September 16, 2003

The Gentle Art of the Onsen

I’ve linked to Jeremy before and I love to check in at Antipixel every few days (or even daily). Jeremy Hedley often has wonderful images of Japan– from every-day life, festivals and landscapes to textural details such as temple carvings and old houses. Occasionally he also covers an aspect of life in Japan in greater detail, such as his report of onsen with pictures. 

As soon as I saw the posting with the pictures I was taken back to my visit to my parents in Japan. We went to a few traditional inn’s as we toured part of Japan. It was during the late fall that I visited, the evenings were cold and crisp, and the outdoor baths were especially refreshing and enjoyable. I can’t help but think that no matter what else one may think of the Japanese culture, they have one thing right… onsen. Jeremy’s onsen pictures are absolutely wonderful, especially the first one and midway down the same page Takaragawa Onsen. Any one care to sponsor me to try and sample all the onsen of Japan ? I will bring back pictures and reports… in the mean time I will continue to visit Antipixel often.

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