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September 19, 2003

Captain Kidd, Block Island

Don’t know where exactly I stumbled across this, but today is Talk Like A Pirate Day…ok…sure. No harm in a little fun. But it did make me think about some of the local lore, so I decided to look into it online. Seems the Connecticut coast–or at least this part of it–likes to talk from time to time about Captain Kidd and buried treasure.

Captain Kidd, in fact did visit the area in the 1680’s as a buccaneer and again just before his capture and return to England. It is known that he stopped at Block Island and tried to use the influence and friends he had in New York to gain a pardon from England. His efforts failed and he was captured in June of 1699 and jailed in Boston to await return to England and trial.

From his 1690’s visit Kidd was rumored to have sailed far up the Connecticut river. There are many tales of buried pirate treasure on islands in the Connecticut River, Block Island, the Mystic coast, even Boston Harbor. There was in fact some buried treasure of Kidd’s recovered from Gardiners Island, just after his arrest in 1699.

All good fun, and a bit of history–or legend–from Mystic.

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