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September 19, 2003

Netscape 4 Horror!

So I’m designing a new site for a local small business, but I haven’t yet checked what browser the business owner is using. (Note to self: Always check browser used in first meet with client!) I’m at their location when I offer to show a few sample sites that I have done and a web mock-up of what we had discussed previously—they’re using Netscape 4!

Ouch… only one of the sites–and a pre-historic one at that—will work in their preferred browser! Ok…It’s Win98 so they have IE 5 on the system also. I offer to show one of the newer sites in IE 5 with nice CSS presentational elements and in Netscape 4—in other words plain text, no presentational style at all. They get it right away! Luckily for me they realized that they were using an ancient browser, and they like that their message will still be seen even by the oldest of browsers. Whew! I show them some stats from a few pages that show NN4 as a 1–2% hold-out browser, while Mozilla and derivatives are increasing in use as non-IE, PC based browsers. Of course, I do need to upgrade their browser now. Small price to pay!

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