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September 24, 2003

Kazaa Sues RIAA for Copyright Infringement

Sharman Networks, makers of Kazaa file sharing software and network, has filed suit against the RIAA for copyright infringement–the RIAA aparantly used the copyright infringing “kazaa light”–and violating it’s network terms of use agreements. RIAA’s puplic comment called Sharman’s “Newfound admiration for the importance of copyright law” ironic and “self serving.” Hello, kettle? This is the pot…we think you’re using copyrights in a totally self serving manner
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Good. It’s about time those money-hungry bunch of RIAA misers got what they gave out. They sued a twelve year old girl for 2000 bucks, come on now! And what, an 80 year old man? They act like they are trying to set an example, and they are - one of their own merciless, greedy nature.
And they went about it by means of using Kazaa Lite! I would have thought they’d be smareter and, not to mention, more legal than that. For starters, they should be counter-sued by EVERY ONE of those people sued by them, for invading their privacy. Granted, I don’t know the full legality of it all, but it seems like the RIAA is using the most indirect and suspicious methods for doing such a “righteoss” thing.

- One pissed off file sharer.

Posted by: Dan on October 1, 2003 05:28 PM | Reply to this
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