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September 25, 2003

GoDaddy Suing Verisign--DNS primer

Got an email from GoDaddy (who I use to register and manage a couple of domains) this evening explaining in pretty good layman’s terms why they have decided to sue Verisign–also recently known affectionately as VeriSlime. In a nutshell they are suing Verisign over the “SiteFinder” service which as they (rightfully) claim misdirects, misleads, costs ecommerce and visitor supported sites and damages attempts to combat spam. GoDaddy has a separate suit to stop the Verisign Wait Listing Service, another highly controversial scam that Verisign has been operating. I really wish ICANN had more enforcement powers or sharper teeth. Well actually I wish we had followed the vision of Jon Postel.

GoDaddy’s press release and the actual legal complaint are PDF and available here.
For some commentary on the “SiteFinder” hijacking scheme:

Someone recently asked me in an email why the big deal over the Verisign tactics. I’ll address that in an essay(rant) this weekend.

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