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September 28, 2003

For Squidd: Cubs Make the Playoffs!

After a 14 year dry spell the Cubs have made the playoffs!

This is actually for two people, a pair of old friends who are the perennial butt of jokes by this time of the season. They love their Cubs. I’m sure you know someone like them. Before spring training they are hyped about the new signings and talking about the batting and pitching strengths, the infield the outfield even the coaching. During Spring training they start saying “this could be the year” or even “this is the year” as spring training progresses they become even more optimistic. By the end of the pre-season they are telling everyone how this year will be different. At the break if the Cubs are up so are they. If the Cubs are down they are still up, after all they’re the Cubs are only xx games back, so what if they lost —— and —— to injuries, there is still half the season left. We wink and smile all season when they’re talking about the Cubs and the playoffs, let alone the pennant. Occasionally we even shoot a friendly jab–“Yeah, they still have 20 games to blow their lead.” Year after year though the moment comes when the Cubs are mathematically eliminated, no matter how stellar their performance. Those cub fans of course would be sore for the next few days, but then it always comes out–“next year.” It’s as if it’s part of Baseball.

Well Squidd and Lloyd, this year at least, you were right. To tell you the truth I hope they go all the way. There are a lot of Cubs fans out there who have been waiting a long, long, long time–the last time the Cubs were in the World Series there were only 48 states and WWII had just ended. The entire “Baby Boomer” generation was nothing but a twinkle in the eyes of returning soldiers and sailors. Now those same Baby Boomers are starting onto Social Security! Almost 60 years from the last Series appearance, and almost a century from the last Pennant win! Just to refresh your memory a bit– the last time the Cubs won the pennant Oklahoma had just become the 46th state, and Henry Ford had just launched the Model T. If they make it into the Series, Chicago and the Cubs should offer any Chicago residents who were alive for the last Pennant win a free ticket to one of the home games–and make it one of the home games that will definitely be played–just in case Chicago sweeps it. But one thing at a time—Congrats on ending 14 year’s of no playoffs at all, especially after last year! Now go whip Atlanta’s a——.

Oh, Squidd and Lloyd— if you ever get out here, or are in NY, let me know, I owe you a beer (or two).

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