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September 28, 2003

Verisign Sued Left and Right

Verisign must be feeling a bit like Microsoft right now. It seems like everyone is lining up to sue them over their dain-bramaged SiteFinder service. ICANN may or may not have a lot of teeth when it comes to enforcement, but if they do, I wish they would step in about now. I already told you how GoDaddy filed suit over SiteFinder. Now there are at least 3 seperate suits being brought against Verisign over the SiteFinder service and it’s wildcard DNS implementation. One of them is a class-action lawsuit filed by Ira Rothken on behalf of a California e-mail software provider. Of course Verisign is no stranger to lawsuits in connection to it’s regitration and DNS services. It currently has lawsuits against it from various registrars over it’s sending of misleading domain expiration notices to other regitrar’s clients and the Domain Waiting List service.

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