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September 29, 2003

Commercial MP3 CD Collection

Another indie record label, Go-Kart Records, has embraced MP3s in a really big way. The label owner was recently interviewed on O’Reilly’s They are releasing on November 4th an enhanced two disc CD set called Go-Kart MP300 Raceway. The disc is full of 300 songs from 150 bands all in MP3 (at 192k rate) format. This is the first commercially sold MP3 CD. The price is a whopping $9.99. The CD also features a browser interface (through your browser…whoops that d—-n Eolas plugin issue again) to select songs to play on the computer through a virtual MP3 player interface. Of course you can also access the songs with WinAmp or any similar MP3 software, and download the songs to any MP3 player. The browser interface also includes links to all the bands and the labels websites and key bio information etc. The CD’s will not play in most standard CD players, but will work in any MP3 capable CD player and personal computers. The label is including info sheets with detailed instruction to burn the MP3s to a standard audio CD.

According the info pages, Go-Kart is a label representing the punk and hardcore genres. The MP3 collection will feature bands such as Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls, Avail, Dag Nasty, and Virus Nine. Not my type of music to be sure, but I’m glad to see the first MP3 CD collection released by any label. Now if RIAA would open it’s eyes.

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