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October 02, 2003

Moustache Curler and Cup

Don’t ask me why, but I found this site (I think via Reenhead)—The Handlebar Club. It’s a club dedicated to moustaches, especially of the handlebar variety—“The qualification for membership is: ‘a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities’ and, in addition, we specify that beards are not allowed.” They have a gallery, events page and an FAQ. Did you know that they have moustache cups? Or moustache curlers? My favorite member is the German photographer, J?Burkhardt–on seeing his photo I knew I had seen him before, outside of his moustache fame. He has covered the TDF as a sports photographer a number of times. Sure enough looking back through an old tape of the Tour, there he was at the finish line, distinctive moustache handlebars behind a giant white Canon telephoto lens (600mm? I would just about kill for that to shoot birds around here!). On his photography site he has a few of the images from various tours.

No, I’m not planning on growing a handlebar moustache…just stumbling across some of the different things out there, and passing it along.

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