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October 02, 2003

Note->Self: Don't Mention Baseball Today

  • Don’t mention the game or baseball to the guy behind the counter at the post office—and if he growls when you mail off the amazon order, ignore it.
  • Under no circumstances mention baseball, the color red or socks with client today–this may be impossible as client runs a yarn store with tons of sock patterns and kits. In best imitation of Pooh–Think, Think, Think
  • if someone has tired glazed look, assume they are a fan and watched the game last night, assume they will be very grumpy, play it safe, do not mention ball.
  • Don’t even think about sending squidd a conciliatory email.

This town loves baseball and, save a handfull of “troublemakers”, they seem to all be Boston Red Sox fans. Unfortunately for Red Sox fans everywhere…they lost last night. Of course it was a 4 and a half hour game (!) that didn’t end until the wee hours of the morning on the east coast. Of course most of the town isn’t that rabid about it, but in general it is best to play it safe and not bring up the subject, unless of course you like 30 minute tirades about missed calls and flubbed plays.

The Cubs (and especially Woods) had an excellent opening game against the Braves, especially as it was their first post-season road game win since 1945.  Funny, in my email this morning I saw inning by inning accounts of the Cubs progress of the first game (yeah, I hadn’t checked email all week). By the end of the 7th inning there were promises of abstention—ranging from till the end of the game to till the end of the year—from alchohol, swearing, computers and sex. Of course, many of these were probably made while remembering the oft’ repeated “Jazz Love Rocket incident” of the 1997 basketball playoffs season. Remember sports fans—drinking and email don’t mix. Last night however, Atlanta evened up the series with the Cubs. Oddly enough no Cubs fan email came during or after last nights 7th inning stretch. Hopefully Friday night will be a great game for fans in Chicago. As for Boston, well, from a purely selfish point of view I hope they do much better the next few days–although, on consideration, maybe it’s better to just have it over with…

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