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October 03, 2003

ICANN Issues Desist Order

ICANN today issued a formal letter to Verisign over the wildcard DNS issue. Basically Paul Twomey told Verisign Hey, we tried this the nice way but you refused to cooperate, now stop–or else. ICANN has given Verisign until 6pm PDT tomorrow to revert their DNS servers to the non-wildcard state of 14 September or ICANN will be forced to enforce the terms of the contract between it and Verisign governing the administration of the .com and .net TLDs.

Paul makes some concessions to Verisign’s claims that the process for evaluating and getting approval for new domain registrar services is inefficient, and promises to work with Verisign and others to improve that process. He also allows that if a proper technical evaluation of wildcard DNS finds that it can be implemented, with or without modifications, without adverse effects, then ICANN would modify the .com and .net contracts with Verisign to allow those changes. In all Paul presents a perfectly reasonable letter overall friendly, but emphatic in one regard–cease the wildcard implementation now. It is in violation of current contracts, and ICANN will enforce those contracts if necessary.

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