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October 04, 2003

Telcos vs. RIAA

Hey RIAA, got a little advise for you. The Telco’s may not be what they once were, but–when the Telco’s tell you you’re abusing powers even post Patriot Act, you probably are. Do yourselves a favor back down a touch. Work with the P2P networks and Congress, but I wouldn’t force a showdown on how much power you have to pursue copyright infringers with the Telco’s. Especially not when the FBI and others have far less subpoena power to pursue violent criminals. Besides do you really want to keep the limelight on your adversarial nature, when Congress is right now introducing bills specifically aimed at curbing your aggressive nature.

The Party is over, control has slipped so far out of your grasp that even your hijacking of low cost web casting has no hope. Accept it, it’s done. Accept it gracefully and live to make another few gazillion in concert ticket sales, product–er…”artist” placements and product endorsements. Maybe you could start making money by developing diversified music holdings, and selling them at a fair price online and off. Imagine the money you could save by finally ending the payola–ooops I mean “rotation consulting” you do for the radio syndicates. Embrace the lower costs of distribution and accept that most people-even teenagers and college students, would willingly pay for decent priced music, as long as there isn’t draconian DRM that prevents them from transferring a file to their walkman / car / desktop. 

Besides how are you going to fight it now that MP3 jukeboxes that have record capability and Bluetooth / Wi-Fi networking are here, with even more coming. Remember Section 1008? The judge ruled in your favor that a PC was not a digital audio recorder, as it is a general purpose machine. Um…digital jukeboxes are nothing more than player/recorders, exactly like described in Section 1008. As long as it’s non-commercial U.S. Law says it’s legit.

Hey RIAA, you have nice day, okay?

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