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October 04, 2003

Verisign will comply-grudgingly

<warning style="rant: on">
Verisign VP Russell Lewis is so offended that ICANN acted “without so much as a hearing” and demands that they suspend the SiteFinder service. The company press release which reads like an Onion satire piece, is full of how Verisign protected innocent users from accidentally running into the end of the net, or taking a wrong turn and falling off the edge into the ether. Give me a break. They claim that they are innovating and driving the net forward–that they are adding jobs to the economy with their wild card service. <cough>Bullsh–t!<cough>

The only thing they are trying to innovate and create is more money in their own coffers and pockets. Not that I have anything against that, but they implemented a major change onto the DNS system that affected all unregistered domains in the two largest most actively used TLD’s without bothering to consult or even ask for technical opinions of ICANN (the governing body) and the other registrars. Then to complain about ICANNs actions while making such ridiculous claims of their altruistic goals. ICANN was extremely patient giving them thing long to voluntarily suspend the service.

If I worked at Verisign, I would be deeply ashamed.

“The basic principle which governs all of our officers, directors and employees (‘Insiders’) is that the Company’s business should be carried on with loyalty to the interest of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, fellow employees, strategic partners and other business associates… The Company is committed to a high standard of business conduct. This means conducting business in accordance with the spirit and letter of applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with ethical business practices.”

Riiiiiiiigggggght Would someone please send them to their room with no desert, and lets find a new TLD registrar authority for at least one of the TLDs that Verisign currently has authority for.

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