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October 08, 2003

Bush Blog Logo Recall

Ok, I try to stay away from Politics here…there are too many plenty of political sites out there, I spout off on what bothers or interests me–issues such as security, IP, media (especially personal media), culture, history, photography, and a bit of design (not much by the looks of the site admittedly.) But when I saw the “Bush Blog” I was moved to break my own unwritten rule (how political).

Did you visit the site? Go ahead, look at the site then hit the back button–
Oh, the horror!Ok, now did you see that “logo” in the right column? What on earth is going on here? Someone hacked the site and no one noticed? Bush designed the logo himself (or at least the “Blog” title element?) I don’t know, but it is rather a pathetic showing for a man who is supposedly one of the most powerful man in the world. 

I know there are a whole host of designers in Washington D.C. who would gladly take any job, especially one with high visibility and really work it to make it shine. Of course, all of this leaves the media identity consultant out of the equation, which most certainly would not be the case. Then what can be going on? The attempt to stretch the “B” from “Bush” and the “B” from “Blog” into one letter that works as part of the whole, just doesn’t work at all. Not to mention that Bush’s mug, that big bastardized “B” and everything else makes ol’ Cheney slip so far into the background that you don’t even notice it unless you work at it. Oh…wait…

Maybe GW et. al. figured a well designed logo doesn’t really matter anyways. Money better spent on… After all, voters decide how to cast their vote based on issues and platforms, not on soundbites, logos, viral ads and banner designs–right?

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