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October 14, 2003

Texture: Fire Hydrant

Cracking peeling paint on a fire call boxA while back I took some detail texture shots of one of my favorite little details around here—old fire call boxes. They are all over Mystic, but then considering the recurrance of fires—especially “Christmas Fires”—in the downtown’s history it is no surprise. Almost all of the call boxes are old, heavily re-painted metal boxes with glass doors. They are painted thickly with red and white paint, that is cracking, blistered and flaking now. They are texturally beautiful details. If you are into that type of thing like I am, enjoy these. They are licensed under Creative Commons’ “By” license (so give credit basically.) If you’re not into textures or architectural details etc, well…tune in later tonight — might post some Maples in firey fall colors. Or maybe a rant…

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