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October 15, 2003

Yankees in Mystic

There is, she tells us in gentle admonition, no known cure for the Yankees fan.

Watched the pre-game show, along with some good natured joking between camps, at the barber yesterday. Our local barber is a Yankee’s fan to be sure, but he understands the town’s bent towards Boston… “Most just don’t know any better, but you can’t blame them…it’s upbringing.”

Interesting the way the local area is split this time of year, and especially this year, in team loyalties. We are only about 7–8 miles from the Connecticut river, but this is definitely Red Sox country. Yet just the other side of the river it is definitely Yankee territory. Here in Mystic there are the token Yankee supporters… one in the post office–just enough to keep the discusiion lively and fun between the front and back of the office. A bartender here, a barber there, they are the exceptions that keep things interesting.

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