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October 17, 2003

News from the Commons

Some great links from the Creative Commons weblog today; first up is:

Scott Andrews and the Walkingbirds

Scott Andrews, an indie musician, has just released a new album, Where I’ve Been that has 6 songs from across 5 years of his career on it. Also on the CD are mp3 and ogg vorbis versions of the same six tracks. As a bonus the mp3 version of tracks from a previous album and a couple extra songs are also included. So the six tracks that will play in any cd audio player, and 2 1/2 albums in mp3 and ogg vorbis format for you desktop or portable player. Of course there is a price to pay for all this audio goodness– $5. Over 12 songs in mp3 format for under 50 cents each. You can of course pay more than $5 at your option. Scott is donating the additional amount to the downhill battle fund, so far he has raised almost $300 for their cause. All the mp3 and ogg vorbis tracks are licensed under the Creative Commons. Specifically they are available under the attribution–non-commercial–share-alike license. How cool is that? Sample tracks in mp3 format are available at the website, I like what I’ve heard so far. Johann stole the headphones and gave a listen–a big thumbs up from him. Be sure and read his excellent post in response to some recent music industry press and public relations marketing.

also via CCLog:

EXP | Jose Luis visual journal

The visually rich photo/web log of Jose Luis. The layout of this site is wonderful, an excellent design. This may very well be a deign I borrow from in the future. There are some excellent and unique views of San Fransisco here, most shot from the ex-military owned Treasure Island in the bay. Once again his work is all available under the attribution–non-commercial–share-alike Creative Commons license. Also of note an item which Jose caught, and something I missed with the announcement of iTunes for Windows, is that Apple and Belkin have teamed up to release a memory card reader for the iPod that will allow those of us with digital cameras to use the iPod as a data storage device for our photo’s. This is fantastic news! Using an iPod as both a music device and field photo storage device. Apple is increasing it’s pull on me, next thing you know I will be looking at a PowerBook G4. Actually Tammy already commented that the iBook is a laptop she could see herself using for more than just email. This was of course almost 9 months ago, so maybe she would prefer a 12” or 15” Powerbook as well.

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