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October 17, 2003

Project Gutenberg's The Magna Carta

Project Gutenberg has published it’s 10,000th free online book with the conversion of the Magna Carta to an online eBook. In case you’re unaware of Project Gutenberg it was started in 1971 by Michael Hart and has run built since then. The first translation to a etext was the United States Declaration of Independence, followed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They went on to add books from almost every genre including Shakespeare, Moby Dick and other high literature to Peter Pan and Through The Looking Glass. The project developed a goal to make available for free online works shortly after they entered the public domain. Of course the copyright terms have been expanded since then dramatically, until now we have, in effect, the same “Stationers’ Company” the original copyright laws were set to prevent by the founding fathers. Project Gutenberg has, however, provided a virtual library that anyone with access to the net can use, for free. It is now being hosted by ibiblio nee SunSITE. I personally remember getting etexts from the project in the early 80’s. I think it’s high time I helped give something back by contributing to the Distributed Proofreaders, which supports Project Gutenberg by proofreading digitized texts slated for addition to Project Gutenberg.

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