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October 24, 2003

Time to learn Perl

Well, I am definitely not a programmer, but I guess I am going to learn a bit of Perl or PHP despite that. I still have found no single tool that is affordably available to export IPTC and EXIF data to XML or RDF formats. Similarly I found no gallery type software that will recognize both formats if imbedded in the metadata of an uploaded picture. 

What I can do right now though is save EXIF and IPTC information from an image as a flat text file or a CSV file. There are a number of separate programs available under open source that can deal with either EXIF or IPTC, but none–that I know of–that handle both. It looks like if I want to have a system to read both the EXIF and the IPTC information and create an XML file (RDF or RSS or whatever) I will need to learn enough to either glue the existing tools together or learn a bit more to create my own tool. Eventually I would like to have a gallery that validates as XHTML strict with all the metadata available to the viewer of the site and in a syndication format as well.

Others have talked about Taxonomies, using FOAF with image metadata–all of which I think is great and would love to apply to all the images I have–but right now I just want a tool that will allow me to automatically generate image captions, titles, keywords, technical data etc from the metadata that is already available in the file (IPTC + EXIF.) As for what format the XML should be turned into or what DTD etc, that is the next step. First I just want to get the data out in a sane, automated manner. I figure (as a complete novice) that going with XML as the initial destination should provide flexibility as the XML file would have all the metadata in it, and could be massaged via XSLT to any of the XML based syndication formats, as well as for use on the site itself, later.

Like I said though, I am virtually a programming novice and have only begun to read up on XML–outside of XHTML that is–at all, so it is entirely possible, even probable that I am going about this all the wrong way. If you think so, or know of a tool have missed that does what I want for under a couple hundred dollars please let me know.

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