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October 26, 2003

Panther Calling

I have a confession to make–recently the world of OS X has been drawing me towards it with a stronger and stronger pull, especially after reading Mark Pilgrim’s Panther review. I am not ashamed of it–I am, in fact, fairly platform agnostic. Over the course of the past 20+ years I have used and owned systems from Tandy, Sperry, Data General, HP, IBM, Commodore (Amiga’s) and a host of home brewed PCs built on Intel, DEC Alpha and Athlon chips. I have owned a few classic Mac’s but they were used mostly as inter-networking test cases and linux terminals. (A couple were gutted and sacrificed for art projects in design classes a few years ago also.) I’ve used CP/M, Unix (as in AT&T system 5), DG Unix, HPUX, Dos through Windows XP, Amiga OS, and a variety of flavors of Linux as operating systems. From a purely philosophical viewpoint I would rather run Linux, but from a practical standpoint, too much of the software I rely on is only available either under Windows or OS X.

Software investment has always prevented me from using Macs, besides I was not terribly enamored with the MacOS 9 and earlier. Of course now I could easily add a Mac to my existing network, and many of the key software publishers are allowing liberal cross-grade programs, if not automatically including both OS X and Windows versions on one CD. A new Mac running Panther would be pretty nice actually, a very well designed machine with a well designed OS based on a solid open source core–whats not to like? Oh–yeah only one mouse button. Well so that’s one thing. 

I would still always have at least one Windows based machine, my video editing suite is not available for Mac, but it would actually add a great deal of flexibility to have a Mac on the network for that as well. It’s really getting tempting, I think I’m going to have to stay away from any Apple stores for a while. Luckily I think the nearest one is a solid hour drive away.

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