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October 30, 2003

W3C Challenges Eolas Patent

Now, here is some good news on the Eolas patent issue. the W3C under Director Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the Web) has sent a letter, including evidence of prior art and the disruptive effects of the Eolas patent to the USPTO. Tim and the W3C are urging the USPTO Director to review the prior art and take action.

“The sole difference between the Web browser described in the ‘906 patent [the Eolas patent] and typical browsers that the patent itself acknowledges as prior art, is that, with prior art browsers, the content is displayed in a new window, whereas, with the ‘906 browser, the content is displayed in the same window as the rest of the Web page. But that feature (i.e., displaying, or embedding, content generated by an external program in the same window as the rest of a Web page) was already described in the prior art filing submitted by W3C.

via Dan Gillmor who also links to the Ray Ozzie posting that shows evidence of other prior art. It’s a bad patent all the way around.

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