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November 05, 2003

Voting Machines Fail: Election Legally in Doubt

I haven’t been able to determine what type of machine’s were in use–I know that electronic machines are being used in some districts of Connecticut–but here is yet another scary voting system failure, this one in my own backyard.

A quick Summary of the article:
The machines malfunctioned shortly after polls opened, forcing them to be shut down. From opening until about 9am no paper ballots were available (they had to be printed up) so many voters were unable to vote before work, and many did not (or could not) return to polling places before they closed. Even for those who voted there was no privacy and the paper ballot was handed over to election officials, not put into a ballot box or similar. Election officials recognize that it is “a big can of worms” and that there is probably grounds for legal challenge to the election.

No matter what type of voting machines these were, this underlines the need for audit trails, effective primary and emergency voting procedures (well understood by election and polling station workers), and effective backup voting methods and rules. 

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