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November 10, 2003

Four Pumpkin Photos

Fall ReflectionsSmiling in the pond.

MeltingSagging Smile

I returned to Mystic Aquarium on November 5th and found the pumpkin still sitting on it’s perch in the pond. It was looking a bit sad from the recent frosts. More than I expected as it had only been a week since I had seen it last. I tried to match—to the best of my memory—the position and framing of the earlier shots. I wasn’t too far off. Of course it was a totally different day. The 28th of October was crisp but with a bright sun and no clouds. November 5th was a cold foggy day with water hanging on everything around. We were there a little later in the day on the 5th also.

I like all the shots of this pumpkin, but if I had to pick one shot from each angle I would take the fresh shot with the reflections,”Fall Reflections” (the top left photo), and the frost bitten melting version of the face angle, “Sagging Smile” on the bottom right. The reflection and colors are not as vivid and beautiful—foggy overcast day—as the “Smiling in the Pond” version (upper right) but the character of the pumpkin is more interesting.

Anyone else?

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