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November 29, 2003

Mystic Christmas & Penguins

A group of African Penguins

Not much to talk about today—except to say that Mystic has begun the Christmas Season in earnest. Lots of people from the region and abroad are here right now for the first weekend of Christmas shopping—which is really good to see for all the shops down Main Street. Both ice cream shops and both coffee houses where packed to capacity this afternoon, and most of the other stores had a steady stream of visitors.

Santa arrived by Tugboat this afternoon. It was cold and quite windy—windchill was in the low to mid 30’s. Yet there were well over 200 (probably close to 300–325) people out for Santa’s arrival by Tugboat, and for the kids to sit on Santa’s lap. The whole town is now decked in Christmas decor—genuine evergreen garlands and real red ribbons from the local florist—not the cheap mall plastic crap. There are carolers out from time to time and all of the stores appear to have a competition to see who can produce the most tasteful, yet festive window decoration in a Christmas theme. 

Sure the hell ain’t suburbia. (and thank God for that!)

For the next few days I will mostly be posting pictures here, maybe with a short comment as I need to focus on two different projects as well as time with my family. I figure no one will bitch too loudly anyways—but I will try to post a picture a day, every other day at worst.

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