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December 12, 2003

Referer Trolling for Santa's Tugboat

Santa Claus arrives at Mystic River Park by tugboat

Peeking at my referer logs the other day, I noticed someone had arrived at the Family Updates site’s entry about Santa’s arrival in Mystic through a search for “Santa Claus Mystic Tugboat.” Out of curiosity I checked out the top result for that search which led to John Keyes’ Photolog. Sure enough John, who lives near Boston, was visiting Mystic when Santa arrived aboard the Seaport’s tugboat Kingston II. (The same boat featured in the snow storm image in Santa’s Tugboat.)

John took a few photo’s of the events and the Kingston II which he has been adding to his site over the past few weeks. When I saw his entry for December 2nd, I knew he had been just a bit upriver from me at the time (at most a hundred feet away–more likely closer.) Sorta one of those small world type of things. John lives near Boston but was among the 150 or so people who were there for the arrival of Santa that cold and windy day. John even reports in the comments that he enjoyed some ice cream from Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Shoppe afterwards!

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