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November 30, 2004

Impasse or Imp Ass

Thank you Thunderbird!

Hitting send, Thunderbird’s spell checker came up as my wife had typed “impass” instead of “impasse” in a recent email. Of course the pre-selected choice for correcting the word was the proper one, but there was a second choice available—-one that made Tammy & I guffaw: “imp ass”.

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November 29, 2004

Watch what you pray for

“Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

verse via BibleGateway

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November 22, 2004

Regex Coach

I’ve been fighting through a number of different lengthy groups of log files and such, having to sort and pull and compare information out of them to make sense of a project. Regex as usual wins the day along with a heavy dose of Vim. The only problem is I have never learned the various regex implementations enough to be really comfortable. Naturally since I haven’t learned even Perl’s regex well enough to be comfortable, I often enough spend quite some time scratching my head or searching online for the the answer to a particular issue.

I don’t know how many times I have used The Regex Coach in the past three days, but I do know it has saved me at least an hour or two of scratching my head and hunting. It is an awesome tool and learning aid for Perl like regex implementations. My favorite part of it is the interactive highlighting and the Tree view of a regex string. Awesome!

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Salsa Express & Scarves

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything here… I’ve been keeping quite busy the past 2 months.

I finally have a full time job - with Salsa Express. They are a small company in Fredericksburg Texas (essentially my “home” town) that sells all sorts of salsa, hot sauce, spices, snacks and other spicy fare. I spent two weeks out there in September with my folks working for Salsa and a couple days working there of our family vacation last week. The task at hand is not a small one — redesign and vastly improve their online presence. Everything from the store’s website through Google Adwords and Overture to email marketing and search engine placement. I will also be helping with mid to long term IT planning.

Luckily all things I can do working from home in Mystic. I will miss the almost unlimited spicy and gourmet snacks and salsa on the desk all day. I must have tried 20 different salsas, spiced potato chips, pretzels etc. My favorite snacks were Dave’s Painful Pretzels and Kick Ass Jelly Beans. Maybe it is best for my waistline that I am out here!

One of the things we are launching is a blog at for the small team that runs Salsa Express to be able to talk about life in the Fiery Foods industry and what it’s like working out at the ranch. Yes, it’s located outside town on a ranch in the central Hill Country with horses, deer, armadillos and black buck antelope just outside the fences of the company’s area. Beautiful. The staff will also share recipes and their own favorite spicy foods.

Of course on top of all the settling in to a new job, especially long distance, at the busiest time of the year for that industry no less, my wife and I have to prepare for a high-profile local craft show this weekend! I have 30 or so scarves and she has a number of handbags, and such ready, but we should be taking more, so every minute we have is being spent getting more done. Then we still need to print business cards, a portfolio and item labels! Argggggh! Not enough hours in each day. Especially when the laptop starts showing the strains of constant use and abuse of the past two+ years.

Sounds like a bit of griping?
No way! I love having these “stresses” compared to the mounting stresses of 2+ years of unemployment. Tammy and I are closer now than ever before, in spite of, even because of, the extremely rough time we’ve had of it since 2001. Working from home with my son running around the room is a blessing (I do have to work harder at scheduling breaks and play time though) I wouldn’t trade for double the salary. In other words life is busy, hectic even — but absolutely wonderful!

God is good.

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November 02, 2004


Recently overheard between two 4 year olds at a party:

“…and you know who lives in New York? My Aunt Niki and Laurie Berkner! She is the greatest singer in the world, ever! I want to meet her next time I visit Aunt Niki!”
“Wow! Really?!”

So serious and so cute. Of course one of those 4 year olds was mine so I’m not without bias, but we have listened to Laurie’s catchy tunes non-stop all the way to New York and back. (about 3 hours each way)

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