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February 11, 2005

Moving Day

I’ve been debating for a while what I want to do with this site. I need to update the software behind it (currently MT 2.661 with modifications). While I like MT – I am running an internal site with the latest version and still using it for other sites – when I move this site, I will be moving to WordPress. Both MT and WP are good platforms for blogs and much, much more. WordPress just meets my needs better right now and I like the developer’s philosophy.

The current rel="nofollow" thing is a small part of my decision – not that MT has it and WP doesn’t, because WP has it also. What turned me off was the antagonistic, even hostile, way in which some 6A developers publicly addressed those who did not agree or like the nofollow implementation. For the record I believe that nofollow is throwing the baby out with the bath. Part of the decision also involves being able to extensively customize WordPress only through plugins instead of hacking the source as I had to with the old MoveableType (not as much of an issue with the latest releases of MT). In truth upgrading my this site’s installation to the current MT release would actually involve much more work than migrating to WP.

As for moving, I could switch over in place, and there would be advantages to that, or I could leave the archives as they are, turn off all comments and trackbacks, then start again fresh at the new domain and link back here for the archives. (I may still do this.) Right now the plan is to move everything into Wordpress at the new site, and leave a copy here as well with a header/footer announcing the location of the current version of the site. I have tested the migration already on the laptop. Just have to decide if I really want to move everything over or not. Well, I also need to work on getting a customized template set up, but that I can do after the move.

Posted by Eric at February 11, 2005 09:50 PM
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