January 11, 2004

Super Johann & Sidekick Ojo

Faster than speeding toddler, more powerful than the cuteness factor, able leap tall Lego towers in a single bound, it’s a Tasmanian devil, it’s a throw-tosby, it’s Super-Johann! With his faithfully sidekick Ojo!

Today is obviously Super-Hero day. Johann is saving crashing animals, rescuing lost pens and who knows what other lefts Super-Johan will right, and before the day is out. Right now we’re doing a routing with his Schliech and felt animals. He has arranged them all on the felt travel book Tammy made. A few at a time he places so they appear to be falling, at which point Tammy or I call out…

Occasionally “Super Sidekick Ojo” also gets involved and helps rescue the animals (especially when it was those crazy, dozen rabbits!) I have a feeling we will have to rescue every animal in the house a couple of times.

Laptop Radio: Father and Son - Cat Stevens
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