September 08, 2003

Peter Rabbit Board Game

Quite some time ago, I think when we first moved to Idaho, Tammy found a Peter Rabbit Board Game somewhere. It’s a really nice game, with wicker baskets, a four panel board, one giat die and four extremely cute hand-painted cast resin little bunnies. I gave her a hard time about it back then, because we were essentially broke, and who was going to play it after all. We recently (last night) started playing the game with Johann– he loves it! We have played this simple but fun game more times than I care to count. It’s also a good counting tool, and taking turns and all sorts of good stuff. Of course we were essentially broke then, but we’re dead broke now, with an additional member to our family. So for Tammy– You were right, and I was wron–, w-wron–, wrong. Whew! Oh, and I love you.

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