September 15, 2003

At Least We Have Clean Underwear

For the past week the management of the Factory has been replacing and upgrading the washing machines and dryers. Since we received all our stuff from Idaho, Tammy has been doing laundry from both the day to day needs and doing a “few” loads each week of the stuff that gets unpacked. Every few days I go and get $20 worth of quarters to feed the machines. Of course everything got interupted last week. Two Fridays past, at about 5pm the management posted notices that all this past week the washing area would be closed. Of course we were out of quarters, and it was the weekend when all the young single residents wait in line to use the machines. So –no washing for about 10 days. We were doing alright until Thursday when our underwear situation was getting critical. I broke out the cycling shorts, and Tammy raided the boxing shorts and lingerie. The washing area reopened today, and with nice fancy card reader washing machines (and a $0.25 a load premium for that…)

With the possibility of a bad hurricane season, and local concern that Isabel will turn northward, we were dutifully discussing storm preparations and evacuation plans–just in case. Out of the blue Tammy said in jest, “Well, if we have to evacuate at least we’ll have clean underwear.” Life is good.

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