November 30, 2003

Here Comes Santa Claus... On A Tugboat?

Santa Claus arrives at Mystic River Park by tugboat

We braved the bitter cold wind yesterday to join hundreds of people waiting for Santa on the boardwalk near the drawbridge. A group of carolers sang for 30 minutes as the crowd gathered. It wasn’t long before we saw a red tugboat coming up the river carrying Santa and one of his elves. The wind was so strong it nearly blew Santa into the water as the tugboat turned to pull up parallel to the boardwalk. Santa hung on tightly to his hat and we were glad to see that Santa didn’t go for a swim or lose his beard.

Once Santa arrived, the carolers left for someplace warmer. The crowd thinned rather quickly. Although it was pretty chilly, I thought it was funny that among the first people to leave was the man who kept saying it was perfect ice cream eating weather. To keep warm and from being antsy in line, the children were encouraged to run around the 14 foot Christmas tree, which had been set up in the center of the park earlier in the week. Johann loved running with the other children until it was his turn to see Santa. He was a little reserved at first, but after Santa offered to shake hands and with a little encouragement from Mommy, he happily sat on Santa’s lap and told Santa all about the animals he wanted for Christmas.

Johann enjoyed it so much that he wanted to go back and do it again. But by then all our lips were turning purple and it was time to go home for hot chocolate and naptime. Reluctantly, Johann accepted our suggestion that we write Santa a letter instead and put it in the mailbox just for Santa’s mail outside the toy store entrance. We assured him that Santa heard him and would remember, but it wouldn’t hurt to write Santa a nice reminder note just the same.

It's nice to meet you Santa: Johann shakes hands with Santa

Eric also has added a new sub-album in the Johann album just for Christmas pictures. He says the link for the following picture goes to that album instead of a larger version of that picture (which can be found in that album).

A yak, a kookaburra, and... Johann tells Santa what he would like for Christmas

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